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10 Smart Space Utilization Points

Smart Space
Utilization Points
Illusion of Space

Picking the right colours and the right combinations of colours can optically increase or decrease a space. It is better to consider the optical influence of a colour in the given area before implementing it. Wall and floor colours serve as the foundation of beautiful interiors. Light coloured walls make the room seem larger in size. A white ceiling with bright shades on the wall and patterns of a smaller size will make the room look bigger. If the apartment is small, avoid wooden panelling and dark wall papers.

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Maximize Floor Space
While panelling wood make sure they are placed parallel to the longest wall to create the look of an elongated room. Laying the planks diagonally can make a room look visually bigger. Wood with neutral tones and simple patterns in light colours make the room spacious.
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Maximize the entrance of natural light into the home. That is the best way to create an illusion of space. Use light coloured curtains and keep the window treatments to a minimum and keep them apart to allow maximum sunlight into the room.

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Vertical Spaces

Shelves and cabinets at ceiling high will free up the floor and use space that would normally never be used. High-mounted shelves and storage compartments can also make the room appear taller by drawing eyes in the upward direction.

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