We understand that the incident of Covid-19 has impacted you in one or many ways. We have asked all our associates, partners to follow Government guidelines and best practices of Hygiene. We have allowed several departments to work remotely and provide tools to remain virtually connected to support each other for continuance of business. Our office is operational with limited workforce, and all the necessary precautionsthat are Sanitization,Temperature checks, masks and social distancing; however, we recommend remote Discussion for Design Showcases, and would prefer in office meetings only for material selections by appointment.
All our Designers and Key Account Managers are working remotely and can connect with you over skype/meet/zoom to initiate the Free Design Consultation. We just need the floor plan and we can come up with Designs effectively as per the floor plan and also the estimation. If required our Key Account managers can also meet you, if you would like to meet either in office or at site.
Our Project Managers and site supervisors always have a keen eye on the quality of the work we do. We are also doing Video calls from site with various stakeholders such as Customer, QC team, and Project Managers to inspect the same. We follow guidelines of the Government, builders and property owner association in regards to the security and Covid-19 Preventive Measures.
Please be assured that the quality of our workmanship will not suffer and we are taking all the steps to ensure the same. We will also make sure to deliver a high quality product and most importantly a wonderful Home.
We work with multiple suppliers and a partner network so that we can get the materials required. Our partner, ensures that we have real time tracking and procurement of genuine materials.
There are chances of disruption of the Supply chain and extended time for manufacturing and procurement; however, we are tracking on a day to day basis and placing orders ahead of time and would work to minimize the impact of delayif it occurs.
We have a strong team of labour workforce and we are extending all our necessary support to them ranging from precautionary measures, Safety kits((masks, gloves, sanitizers etc.) Transportation, Food, and Stay..
We are sure we will be able to overcome the current Covid-19 hurdle with resilience, reverence and rejuvenation.


We believe that it is best to start with the design process 3 months before possession.
You need to select a theme to get started with Interior Design. This is only a start point as it helps us understand your design needs and preferences better.
Once you have selected a theme, our Customer Experience Representative will co-ordinate with you for the following:
a) Complete a small questionnaire, and share your floor plan, so we understand your design needs better.
b) If you don’t have a floor plan, or if your home has undergone significant changes from the floor plan, we will send across our Structural and Design Engineer, to measure your home and take dimensions and photographs.
c) We will map the theme to your floor plan and show you a Virtual Reality 3D walkthrough.
d) Rough total cost and room-wise breakup will be shared.
Our design themes can be scaled and mapped to your home’s floor plan, no matter what type of home it is. We will design anything from 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK, Villa projects to independent homes.
We are happy to design and implement only your kitchens and wardrobes as well
You can send us image references of what you like and what you have in mind, if none of our design themes appeal to you.
We only undertake design of homes that at least need kitchens and wardrobes. Anything less than this, and we usually don’t do.
We extend Design support across Bangalore and Chennai, while Implementation assistance is limited to operational presence of our online and offline vendor partners.


Yes! You can customise your home till you are truly, madly,deeply happy. To customise, you only need to pay us a 10% advance (non-refundable) against the estimated Implementation Cost. We will then assign a designer to your home, to hand-hold you with customisation, and help bring your dream home to reality.
Absolutely! We allow you to have a fusion of themes mapped to your home. However we recommend you stick to a single theme to maintain a uniform look throughout your home. The Interior Designer assigned to you, will help you pick and choose elements that appeal to you the most, without compromising on the overall homogeneity of the Interior Design theme.
The bare minimum order that we accept is for kitchens and wardrobes. Anything less than this, and we don’t usually accept.
Yes, of course. Your happiness is at the core of all customisation efforts. So if you don’t like something you see, then we will substitute that with any alternate product that you want.
Once you confirm you are 100% happy with the design, we will provide you with a Bill of Materials/ List of Products in 2 days’ time. You will find the product specifications for every product you see in the 3D Video, in this easy-to-order Bill of Materials.
Yes, if you have a specific requirement for a particular type of product, sure we can help you with that too. You can communicate your request to the designer specially assigned to you. You must however know that the product mentioned in your Bill of Materials, is the most optimum product for the design theme.
When you pay us the advance of 10% (non-refundable), we assign a designer to your home. We are happy to customise until you are happy with the design. But if you choose not to implement with us, there is no refund at this stage.


The BOM will include the following:
a) Product name
b) Product specifications
c) Thumbnail picture
d) Partner Name
e) Product price
Forza, Greenfly, Hettich, Jordyblue, Spacewood, SquareFoot, Asian Paints , Gilma , Sleek, Blum, Siemens and many others. We only work with the best and source only the best products for you.
With our same price guarantee, the prices you pay for every product are the same as listed on our product sites. We are an end-to-end interiors solution provider (and not just a wardrobes-only, kitchen-only player). So the unparalleled benefits of a free personal designer, free visualisation, free project manager, are the benefits you would receive only when you transact with us.
Yes, we have the exact same price as our partners. Our promise is to be as transparent as possible when it comes to product purchase
No! Any product that you don’t need can be knocked off your final Bill of Materials. Which means, your Final Cost of Implementation will come down by that much.
Every product ordered will entitle you to a 10% cash back. The cash back will be processed within 14 working days from the date of purchase.
All unavailable products will be replaced with options that will not compromise the original aesthetic of the design.
The cost of implementing a design theme ranges between 4 to 8 lacs for a 2 BHK home. However, when we are customising your home, one of the key considerations will be your budget. So designing your home, shouldn’t necessarily cost you the moon.
Our design themes can cost between 4 to 8 lacs for a 2 BHK home.At the lower end of the design offering, for 4 lacs – you get kitchens, wardrobes, wallpapers, and wall art. At the higher end of the design offering, for ₹8 lacs – you get every single thing that you see in the 3D video. This cost however, does not include the tiles, bathrooms and any other electrical equipment that you see.
All the products and elements used in the design are actual products that we source through our online and offline vendor partners. So yes, your house should look exactly like the one you see in the 3D video.
For partial home – 45 days
For full home – 60 days