Payel & Gaurav | Brigade Exotica

“Nothing ages more quickly than ‘newness’. But a design that’s a marriage between the past and the present is truly timeless.”
This 4BHK home in Brigade Exotica fulfills the above statement with two fascinating interior themes, classic victorian and industrial, elegantly married to show off opulence and nostalgia. The color palette of the home is a striking combo of white and dusty pastels that create a subtle yet enchanting aura.

This home greets warmly with large gathering spaces and bespoke personal spaces. On the whole, this house is a marvel of muted colors and wooden hues that are soothing to your eyes and soul.

Tejinder Abhilash | Tata Promont

“Minimalism is not a lack of something. It’s simply the perfect amount of something.” ― Nicholas Burroughs
This home in Tata Promont is a true testimony of the above statement. The theme is monochromatic minimalism in a brown color palette. The subtle shades of earthy tones are beautifully carried throughout the home to create harmony and class. The ergonomic designs prioritize creating functional forms while keeping the aesthetics balanced.

This soul-soothing home features an innovative, and sensible design with eye-pleasing colors, intriguing lighting systems, simple forms, and clutter-free storage solutions. The entire house creates a serene aura that quite visibly enhances the quality of life of the residents.

Bibha | Vaswani Exquisite

“Great design not only solves a problem but does it so gracefully that you end up with a home that’s a treat to the eyes and convenient to live in.”
This 3BHK home in Vaswani Exquisite is a true testimony of the above statement with a stunning neutral theme, minimal & intuitive design, and tons of storage. While the subtle colors of the home imbue serenity, the striking lighting systems & reflective surfaces visually expand it.

The foyer quickly welcomes you into the spacious living room which has a huge sectional sofa to host guests. The TV unit is custom-built to feature ample storage space. The TV back panel accentuates the entire TV unit with Duco finish grooves. The tall storage cabinets are brilliantly designed to incorporate open units with glass shutters for display.

This home has a beautiful open kitchen plan that encloses the dining space as well. The statement piece of this space is the circular quartz dining table, tailor-made to double up as a kitchen island and a breakfast counter. The kitchen is slightly tucked in giving a clutter-free look.

The kitchen has classic beige cabinets with gola profile handles, white countertops, and backsplashes. On the other side of the kitchen is the crockery unit with storage cabinets and a mirror to visually elongate the space.

The master bedroom is every minimalist’s dream with only a few statement pieces—the pendant lamp & the upholstered armchair—-that subtly elevate the space. The floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is designed to fit a TV & a foldable desk.

The other two rooms are designed to double as office spaces and as guest bedrooms. The first office space has a brown & white color palette with a long desk that’s adjoined to the wardrobe. The second one has a similar vibe to the rest of the home. It has a corner desk & daybed to save space and a huge floor-to-ceiling wardrobe for storage.

This home is a brilliant mastery of design with its soothing colors, ergonomic forms, and convenient & exceptional design. One of the things that stand out throughout this home is the use of mirrors to visually morph the space adding dimension & light. On the whole, this home is a celebration of aesthetics and function.

Madhusudan | Salarpuria Greenage

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be Beautiful” William Morris’ words have never been more relevant and work as the guiding principle behind the design of this beautiful, warm, minimalistic home.
The white-themed interiors are cohesive and subtly colorful with vibrant accents that give the white elements a sense of life and dimension. All the rooms have uncluttered storage, with a place for everything and everything in its place. The living room with its subdued palette has a timeless wood and white undertone. The puja unit and the sideboard are restrained and modern and the space is dolled up with accents like the statement wall clock, wall paintings, lamps, and plants. With the pandemic still looming over everyday life, the self-soothing décor of the space keeps it cheery and inviting. The open kitchen is spacious, stylish, streamlined, and sparkling. User-friendly, clean & bright- the clean cabinet profiles,” everything behind doors” organization, and uncluttered countertop ensure the kitchen is unfussy and efficient. The water-color patterned tiles add unexpected color and pattern and the accents add personality and give the space a coastal chic vibe. The breakfast nook is a well-styled, sleek setup, which blurs the line between the dining and kitchen. The master bedroom is an organized, elegant sanctuary with a whole wall of closet built-ins that hide everything away. The white of the shutters is warmed up with the rich wood of the cot and study. The soft green feature wall and matching drapes add a fresh, restful vibe to the room. This space, with its ambient lighting, is a haven of simplicity in a chaotic world. With its neutral colors, clean and crisp lines, clever storage, understated accessories, and details that are respectful of light and space, this home is a masterclass in “going back to basics” and “less is more”.

Sandeep Meghna | Around the Mangoes

Making each space in the villa count.
This Around the Mangoes Villa Interior Design is definitely the pinnacle of effortless sophistication. Furdo has crafted these fine luxurious villa, well optimised and have managed to achieve symmetry in the neo classic design. We have artfully incorporated the modern classic theme here. The spacious layout and sumptuous wooden furniture reinvent luxury in a fashionable way. With an amazing home theatre room this is surely a villa fit for a modern king!
Whatever the ideas maybe, we have something surely in store here for you. In this collection of classic wooden finishes we have crafted a luxurious living room to suit every taste and room size of the villa. Brightening every nook and corner of the space with false ceiling giving the home a complete look. Exploring a massive array of wooden perfected layouts, high-end decor ideas, gorgeous lighting designs, stunning wooden furniture and sumptuous curtains along with some breathtaking features.

Ram | Rainbow Vistas

“Even the tiniest details take precedence when it comes to crafting one’s dream house.”
This home in Rainbow Vistas is meticulously designed to align with Ram, the owners’ needs. The design of the entire space is striking, modern, and sophisticated without being too over the top.

Vidhya & Arjun | Aparna Zenith

“Home doesn’t have to be extravagant, it just needs to be you.”
This home in Aparana Zenith stays true to the statement. It is the right amount of simplicity and luxe, mirroring the preferences of the owners, Arjun and Vidya. The interiors of this home are ergonomic, vibrant, and sensible with occasional pops of indulgence.

| TATA Promont

The Tata Promont model flat beautifully crafted making it look spacious and luxurious. Adding a touch of light neutral colours and creating some depth with the veneer. 
Big beautiful windows are built in all the spaces so that natural light coming in all the corners of the house and bringing a bit of outdoor, indoor. With the earthy tones, and greenery brought in with the placement of plants, extend your house line of sight indoors for extra unobstructed beauty add a dash of greenery in the space.
A warm evening light is all one needs to make the space inviting. We have highlighted the areas by adding a lot of minimal accent lighting to create a beautiful ambience. Subtle pops of colour and gold accents have been added all over the house, keeping in mind the contemporary design.
The idea was to design an inviting entrance to the house. The foyer has a full length mirror with some warm lighting with a very sleek base unit storage giving a wider and spacious look to the space.
Every room features a different look and feel in terms of design and material used. Designing simplicity for the master bedroom with veneer, laminated panelling and a touch of golden metal stripes creating a minimal geometric pattern that is the centre of the room.
A colourful room for the children was our motto. Painted patterns on the walls keeping the shades neutral not age or theme specific. So, the room can have a different look with minimal changes when the kids out grow their age periodically with basic décor items and loose furniture.
A well designed or decorated room for the guest with mirrors to highlight the bed wall giving the room a spacious look. An earthy neutral tone wallpaper is added allowing change of look when you desire as these colours are basic and go with everything.
The study room is designed in a warm and comfortable manner so that it can be used as a lounge area. The room is done up with veneer, with some glass and aluminium frames for the bookshelf and storage above the study. The lighting and fixtures are in black bringing the design together keeping the continuing of colour and material everywhere.

Harish |

Every client has that one special element that they like their house to focus on. It could be anything from a gaming room, a bar or even something as simple as storage space. That is exactly what our clients wanted.
Catering to clients with specific needs is what makes the whole design journey, a special one. During the first interaction with the client, they were particular about two things, the kitchen must include a blue and white colour palette and the whole house must offer ample storage space. Apart from these specific needs, they offered full creative freedom to design the rest of the house.

The whole house has a blue and white colour scheme accessorized with brown to add a warm feel to the house. The overall design is very simple and clean with functionality being of utmost importance. The foyer has a cladded wall with beige, off white and yellow stones. This is the focal point when anyone enters the house. The cladded stone wall is accompanied by a beautiful circular mirror with gold accents and a sleek console unit adjacent to it mounted on a fine golden table with black marble. This is what an entrance should behold and our client was particular about it. To accommodate the client’s space requirements, the farther end of the foyer is completely utilized for storage. A loft has also been created to store the client’s travel bags.

The Living and Dining areas are in one massive open space and the client requested a form of bifurcation and hence we used an etagere to screen the living room from the rest of the area. The size of the Living room also demanded two sitting areas to make it look full and that is what we decided to do. One sitting area for recreational activities such as consuming media and another for other activities. The pooja room is aesthetically integrated into the sleek TV unit which offers a very modern vibe with a traditional touch. The kitchen has a cute display section to showcase the crockery. The kitchen comes packed with a massive amount of storage space. The blue and white combination of the kitchen helps perceive a large amount of space and also helps in the reflection of light.

The kids’ room posed a challenge since the client wanted a queen-size bed, a very spacious study area and also a lot of storage space. To achieve this, the open space wardrobes are aligned along with the headboard wall and the bed frame. The parents’ room has a TV unit mounted on a wall facing the bed. This wall-mounted TV unit posed yet another challenge which was limited room for wardrobes. To overcome this challenge we placed the wardrobes by the cot which eliminated space for bedside tables. To replace the convenience of the bedside tables, we created a ledge behind the headboard and which can be used to place various items on it. The room is kept light and bright with mostly white and wooden tones along with a splash of blue on the wallpaper.

The clients wanted the master bedroom to have an Aristo wardrobe, a king-size bed, a study desk, a window seater to savour the beautiful view outside, and a wall-mounted TV unit. The task here was that the wall along which the bed was supposed to be aligned was not long enough so we extended the wall which created a lot of room on both sides of the bed and the extended wall turned into a display unit and a storage unit. The study area, window seater, the chest of drawers along with the TV unit was all worked into one wall which freed up a lot of room.

Overall, this was a very interesting experience and a wonderful project for us to take on.

Pranamaya Shenoy | TATA Promont

A traditional home with a pinch of modern is what we designed for our clients at TATA Promont. This apartment was blessed with beautiful views and a constant breeze due to it being located on one of the top floors.
The welcoming foyer has a warm-toned veneer clad with a wooden panelling name board on the left and a laser-cut jali on the shuttered shoe rack. A mural hides the original door position and a side door has been created as per the client’s Vastu requirements. There is a beige stone cladding with a leaf mural in the centre which upon entry, serves as a focal point.

The living room has a warm feeling with wooden borders for the false ceiling and laser-cut jali highlighting the foyer and living room. The dining room has another laser-cut jali which acts as a screen as well as a foyer. This foyer houses a console table with Buddh statue which enunciates a spiritual feel. The living room’s TV unit has been designed as a feature wall with stone cladding and strips of veneered panels to give it a fancy aspect. An offset in the living has been designed as a space for the swing which the client was particular about. This backdrop has a veneer panel with mirror strips placed in an asymmetrical fashion.

The kitchen corner has been utilised to create a small bar area. A brick cladding panel in the background highlights the bar. The dining room is a fusion of automobile gears and traditional paintings. The cabinet wall is highlighted by textured paint with wooden panelling and industrial art.

The bedrooms were designed upon each family member’s requirement.

The master bedroom was designed along traditional lines with a solid wood bed and the opposite wall being texture painted. We designed a circular bed for the daughter’s room which was one of the client’s briefs. This room also contains a bay window seater and a lift up study table to save space. The son’s room has a large terrace with contemporary modern interiors as per the design discussion. A warm wooden back panel for the bed with wooden rafters gives a warm and classy look to space. The study table is very contemporary with the white and dark grey laminate combination. There is a white lacquered glass writing surface which keeps in tune with the theme of the room. The guest bedroom headboard wall is designed as a feature wall with thin mirror strips on a texture painted wall. This room is provided with a full-height Aristo wardrobe with lacquered glass in a pleasing composition.

The washrooms are designed with interesting mirror shapes and Duco painted cabinets to give a contemporary and classy feel.

Overall, this is a very interesting and challenging project which we delivered to our clients who are greatly satisfied.

John Kuruvilla | SNN Clermont

The main challenge was to reflect the characteristics of the occupants. The house is urban and contemporary whilst respecting the ethics and values of the personalities residing there.
This level of extreme customization was possible only due to the close attention paid to the needs of the customer. This beautiful home welcomes you with a foyer housing a bust of Buddha with a mesmerizing backdrop of golden lotuses which represents the Cultural Era. The pastel colours on the walls and the fabric from turquoise to purple gives a fresh yet vibrant look. Extensive use of dark wood gives a sense of the lavishness that surrounds the design. This contemporary themed décor is simple yet catchy. The floral dining chairs and table face a big mercury glass along with a wide window which infuses natural light and the suspended pendant lights make way for a memorable family dinner. All the three spacious bedrooms capitalize on the natural light and the painted walls complement the beds. The kitchen comes with state-of-the-art accessories and technology along with optimum utilization of space. The study consists of a large TV with an even larger glossy wooden bookshelf which houses over 2,000 books. This bookshelf was specially curated for the customers overflowing love to read. The design includes all three types of lighting, ambiance, accent and task lighting to give the design a sense of four dimensionality that accentuates the colour and decor of the house.

Bharath Sowmya | Prestige Lakeside Habitat

This house of Bharat at Prestige Lakeside Habitat speaks simplicity. The level of unpretentiousness accentuates the optimum utilization of space.
Every part of the house expresses the appetite of the home owners towards wood. From the false ceilings to the extravagant wardrobe finishes, everything relishes wood. The entrance to the house takes you to a very spacious living hall with a rustic stone cladding and couches bearing shades of peach. Then comes the dining hall which is very bright due to the strikingly bright walls and tiles. As you make your way to the lovable kitchen which has one side of the wall covered with dado tiles. The master bedroom has massive wardrobes with an antique wood finish along with sittings by the head of the bed. The kids bedroom is simple. Everything about this aesthetic house is cute and simple. This house is living proof of simple and gorgeous.

Kavita Sreejith | Prestige Lakeside Habitat

This winsome house enunciates the beauty of pure customization and personalization.
You are welcomed to the house with a beautiful ceiling touching wardrobe which has cove lights of its own. Perpendicular to the wardrobe lies a beautiful stone cladding with accents of yellow, brown and white. On the alee side of the stone cladding lies a lavish table top. As you make your way to the living room you are greeted by two shiny wooden pillars guarding a very traditional styled living room. The living room has traditional couches and furniture. This gives a comforting and homely feeling. The master bedroom and the kids bedroom both have wallpapers covering a complete side of the room. The master bedroom has a mud brown wallpaper with a tree in the dead center. The kids bedroom has a wallpaper that captures a beautiful in a cricket match.This house is simple and artful with a touch of customization.

Shanu Jain | Alembic Urban Forest

This geometrically puckish house welcomes you to a foyer with pleasing aesthetics which combines stone walls and white walls giving a premium yet homely feel.
The entire artificial lighting of the house comes from recessed spotlights suspended by pendant lights. Making way from the foyer and into the living room throws you to the dazzling geometry of the false ceilings and the wall housing the TV. The colour pallette of white and the subtle blue brings out the massive window which capitalizes on natural light in this contemporary house.The living room is adjacent to an open kitchen creating a balanced design with a subtle touch of modern & contemporary elements. The bedrooms contain lush furniture which bring out a truly resplendent and pampered environment. The master bedroom has C and C style acrylic jaali panel running from the bottom of the floor to the top.The wall adjacent to the headboard of the bed is highlighted with cove lights on three sides with a subtle wallpaper which brings out the contemporary element in the design.
BY Priyanka Gupta

DNR Atmosphere | 4 BHK APARTMENT

An arresting tapestry of soft colours one side, and bold colours on the other — coupled with the use of no-compromise materials like veneer — make this luxurious home, a spellbinding ode to all things contemporary.
Boasting of stylish furniture, breathtaking wall texture designs, and splendid lighting, everything about this home is extravagantly chic. Mixed with earthy tones of white and blue, and interspersed with large windows that are framed with ethereal blue curtains, the living room is a resplendent sight for sore eyes. The jali unit that separates the living room from the dining area, the Pooja unit with the onyx glass backdrop, the marble finish texture paint, and the natural stone cladded walls, all add oodles of opulence, making this a home designed for pure, unadulterated luxury.
BY Kiran Hanumaiah

Jignesh Sanghvi | Mahindra Windchimes

The key to a great design is capturing the spirit of the client and translating it into the essence of their home
Design approach underscored the idea of bring sensitivity to the aesthetics of a home, keeping in mind the functions of a house and the requirements and preferences of all its members. This 2370 sq.ft 3.5 BHK residence in Bangalore ‘s Mahindra windchimes is functional, spacious and stylish- Design to conform to the client’s need while allowing for a rich and vibrant living environment through its decor. Crafting clean , simple, vibrant and contemporary ambience, the vibrant colour palette of teal blue, pearl white balanced with warm brown & beige tones act as a canvas against which colour percolates through different elements. The clean geometric patterns impart a subtleness of ambience and ties the space together. A combination of glossy & matte material finishes alongwith sharp & contrasting colours and texture fabrics render the apartment with an electic, effortless appearance.

G. C. Rangan | Mahindra Windchimes

A splendorous blend of tradition and contemporary styles crafted by Neetha Karupakala at Mahindra Windchimes for Mr G.C Rangan.
A very warm and versatile earthy brown is used as the key design element of this spacious 3BHK home. With ample customised woodwork, the designs and colour palettes are carefully chosen to complement and accentuate the woodwork. The stone cladding at the foyer sets the tone of the theme in the shades of sand brown, copper and potter’s clay. The theme seamlessly spills into the radiant living room. The dark tones of wood against beige walls evoke a very traditional charm while the modern false ceiling set in white adds a modern touch to the home. The dark wooden swing reminiscent of an old ancestral ‘oonjal’ and the chic coffee brown recliner brings the best of both worlds – a traditional south Indian home in a vogue urban space. The dark chocolate rafter pannels and the caramel crockery units with marble backdrop give the dinning a very elegant and sophisticated ambience. The golden-framed pooja unit with marble inlays, adjacent to the crockery unit is a piece of opulence befitting the Gods. The three bedrooms and wardrooms reflect the theme in a more subtle and quaint manner in shades of mocha, caramel against the woodwork. The study and wardrobes are designed to be easy on the eye with effective functionality.