Kids Bedroom Design
Ideas for Small Spaces
Designing a kid’s bedroom is both fun and challenging, and if you’re working with a small space, it gets a touch more complicated. However, it's not impossible if you can be imaginative about the placement of certain elements in the room.
We have put together a list of 8 kids' bedroom design ideas to help you put together your toddler’s bedroom, even in a small space.
Bunk Beds for the Rescue
Kids Bedroom Design

If you are designing a shared kids’ bedroom, bunk beds can be the solution to your worries. These save space as you can fit two beds in that of one. Play around with fun wallpapers, bright colors, and quirky accessories to pull the entire room design together.

If your kids are between the ages of 6 and 16, these beds are great for them. Some bunk beds have storage space under or on the side of the bed, so you can store your kids’ toys or clothes in these draws. You can also find bunk beds that can be separated into twin beds.

These separable bunk beds are a great investment as you can keep using those beds even after your kids grow out of them.

Free the Floor With a Loft Bed
When you have limited space, you should start thinking out of the box to utilize every inch of the room, even vertically. A loft bed is the younger sibling of the bunk bed with a single bed raised close to the ceiling, freeing the floor space.
Most loft beds are multifunctional as the area below the bed is often used for study units, storage spaces, and closets. Even if you get a loft bed without these attachments, you can turn the space below into a play area. You can even replace the boring ladder or stairs with a fun slide.
Go for Multifunctional Daybeds

Another space-saving option for a bed is to get a daybed. As the name hints, a daybed is a hybrid of a sofa and a bed; during the day you can use it as a sofa, and during the night you can transform it into a bed. It saves space while making your kid’s small room clean without clutter.

There are several types of daybeds you can choose from; you can go for a sofa-like one if you want to focus on the aesthetics. But, if you want the daybed to function more like a bed than a sofa you can go for a trundle bed—a double-mattressed retractable bed that you can adjust into a sofa and a queen-size bed.

Mount the Furniture When Not in Use
Kids Bedroom Design

When speaking of space-saving furniture, we can't forget about mounted furniture. It is another great way to make the best of the limited space you have. From study units to beds to compact seating, you can find a variety of furniture that can make a small space functional and beautiful.

If you want your kids to have a more free space to dance or play in the room, you can go for a wall-mounted bed called a murphy bed. If you want to fit a study table in a small corner or in the entryway, you can go for a wall-mounted study unit.

For Storage, Think Up

If you don't want your kids having to climb up to sleep, you can utilize this vertical space for storage. You can get your cupboards and storage designed by an interior designer up to the ceiling. It is a unique and stylish solution for small spaces. You can keep the storage units closed or open as per your preference.

While accessing the shelves close to the ceiling can be difficult, some creative solutions for this are installing steps or a ladder. You can organize your cupboards by storing the rarely used stuff on the top racks to avoid climbing up more often.

Store in Every Step

If you are going for a bunk bed or a loft bed, or a vertical storage unit, adding steps for climbing up becomes a necessity. A rather quirky idea is to design these steps in such a way to encompass space for storing small things.

This will not only become a statement piece in your kid's room but also, yet, another storage space. You can even pair this design with a bed installed over the storage unit. There are several possibilities if you can think out of the box.

Create Illusions With Colors

Until now, we spoke about the major furniture in your kid's bedroom. Now let’s get to the colors of the walls. Choosing the right colors for your kid’s room can make the room seem visually larger. Some of the colors you can use for the walls are pale blue, dark blues, light green, lavender, etc.

Pairing light-colored walls with a white ceiling will enlarge the space and create an illusion of spaciousness. This only works for ceilings that are not super high, so make sure to evaluate the space before going forward with it.

On the other hand, painting the ceiling a dark color will make it look lower than it is. So, make sure to avoid this one, as it will make your room look even smaller.

Expand the Room With Wall Art

Another way to create an illusion of a bigger space is by getting custom wall art. This is a great idea as kids love theme bedrooms. So, if you want to take this route, then go for wall art that will blend the room walls with something outside the room.

To put this in perspective, if there’s a window in the room, match your wall art to sync to the window's view. This will open up the room as if the wall is invisible.

Let Your Kids Have More Even in a Small Room

A kid’s bedroom has to house multiple functions, from sleeping to studying to playing to relaxing. And if you don't have much space to work with, it can get hard to fit all these. We’ve jotted down 8 kids' bedroom design ideas for small spaces to help you with it. Feel free to reach out to us if you need help designing your kid’s bedroom.

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