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Latest Modular Kitchen Design Ideas

Latest Modular
Kitchen Design Ideas
The kitchen feeds the home. This makes it the most important part of your home. But why do you need a modular kitchen?
Ease of assembly: what are the greatest features of a modular kitchen is its ability to be easily assembled. Any part of the kitchen can be repaired or renovated without disturbing the modular kitchen area.
Customisation: modular kitchen can be highly customisable be used on the customer’s needs. The kitchen can be given any set of colours which will match with the rest of the house at the customer’s preference.
Space saver; Modular kitchen gives the option of vertical storage which saves a lot of space. Modular kitchens have shelves in corners and small spaces. You can also easily store appliances within the shelves.
Convenience: Modular kitchens are designed by you and the designs are shipped to a factory which produces your modular kitchen based on your designs and this process is more convenient than bringing down the traditional carpenter and having him work on your kitchen for months.
Modular kitchens are a great way to save space and utilize space to its fullest. The design is based on your kitchen area and this gives room to plan and layout the most space-efficient design. Modular kitchens are highly customizable. The colour coordination and the division of the cooking and washing area is the decision of the homemaker who will use the kitchen the most. Modular kitchens can be designed in a way that it vibes with the rest of your home and goes with the design of the rest of your home.
U Shape Modular Kitchen Design

The U-shaped kitchen design is mainly for those that enjoy large family dinners regularly. This design offers the option of a dinner table with quick access to the living room.

L Shape Modular Kitchen Design
The L-shaped kitchen design is the most popular one among homemakers. It is compact and simple. It gives a perfect area for the user and it is well organized. The cooking area and the washing area can be customised based on the user’s choice. This design aides multiple users to use the kitchen. It has a large number of drawers and shelves for storage.
Linear Modular Kitchen Design

The Linear kitchen design is a straight line kitchen which is placed against a single wall. Its layout is very simple and is very much suitable for a single user. The cabinet storage is overhead and wall-mounted. This may look complicated but it isn't. To know more about Linear modular kitchen design, talk to us at Furdo, Bangalore's best interior designers.

Parallel Modular Kitchen Design

Parallel kitchen design is popular among those houses that lack space. This design allows for a central walkway which is aesthetic. The shelves and drawers are placed across the wall at ceiling height.

Island Modular Kitchen Design

The Island kitchen design combines a primary modular kitchen design with a countertop for temporary dining and drinking. It can be used for separate storage area as it does not interfere in the cooking area.

Peninsula Modular Kitchen Design

The Peninsula kitchen design is to island kitchens. The difference is that the size and position of the island is different and this is as a permanent dining area. The dining area is separate from the kitchen but is within the kitchen area. It is useful in kitchens with less space.

All these modular kitchen designs are beautiful but, the main challenge is to incorporate this design into your customised home to match your personalised taste. Get in touch with us to build the perfect customized kitchen for your home and your needs!

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