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10 Reasons Men Should Know Their Kitchens Inside Out

Reasons Men Should Know
Their Kitchens Inside Out
Unless this is the 1960s and you have somehow managed to time travel, you should consider getting to know your kitchen a bit more intimately.
Sure, you’ve got help around the house, like most Indian homes, but learning to cook is the sort of life skill everyone needs. For all you know, your wife could be away for a week the same time your cook is on sick leave. Maybe she timed it that way, who knows! If it’s a choice between ordering in a pizza or whipping something up for yourself, read our reasons for heading to the kitchen now. At Furdo, Bangalore's topmost interior designers, you can even get your custom designed dream kitchen.
Say Sorry with Breakfast

We all make mistakes and some of those tend to go overboard. You know what works better than a “sorry”? – Food! Especially food you cook with your own hands. So the next time things get heated up at home, take a break, wrap an apron around yourself and get to work preparing dishes that could make you forget what you were fighting over.

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Conquer the Last Frontier
Pretty much every country in the world went through a phase of believing the kitchen was solely the territory of women. Well, things have changed for the better. The lines between the sexes have blurred when it comes to work, whether it’s at home or at office. So, why not try something outside your comfort zone and get into the kitchen?
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No More Excuses Buddy!

When Maggi got banned, almost half the men in the country stopped claiming they could cook. Turns out cooking a half-decent meal may take some effort now, but it’s doable and you really are out of excuses.

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Because She Deserves a Break

You’ve both got busy lives which involve a lot of running around. Hopefully you both split up all the chores at home, but if she’s the only one cooking it’s rather unfair.Give her a break every once in a while and cook her something nice so you can enjoy a rainy evening at home.

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It Saves Money

You already know it does. Fast Food may be quick but it doesn’t come cheap. If you cook by yourself, you can save enough to buy the lean mean bike you’ve been drooling over since last December.

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Because You Gotta Eat to Live!

No one’s at home? Haven’t had anything to eat all day? Don’t know how to cook? Well, there’s no real solution besides starvation I guess. Oh wait, there is! LEARN TO COOK!

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Variety is Literally the Spice of Life

No matter how great a cook your mum or your wife is, the stuff you get to eat will most definitely be limited to what they cook best. If you’re the sort of guy who enjoys a little variety, it could be time to dust off the old recipe book.

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Because It is Sexy

There’s something undeniably attractive about a guy who knows his way around a kitchen. Don’t trust me? Ask any of your honest guy friends. Better still ask your female friends.

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Because It is Therapeutic

Cooking has a way of taking your mind off things. It’s almost as good as meditating or listening to music. Give it a try.

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It's a Great Way to Make Memories

You don’t need to be in the kitchen alone. You could get a friend or your partner to help. It could help you make some pretty cool, if not funny, memories.

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