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8 Inspiring Interior Design Ideas for Kitchens

Inspiring Interior Design Ideas for Kitchens
Kitchens are for so much more than just cooking. It’s where the family huddles for talks, laughs and of course - food. Give the heart of your home a well-designed, efficient and elegant look that’ll last for years to come. We, at Furdo, Bangalore's best interior designers, have curated the best ideas for you - rustic contemporary to sleek and modern kitchens, you’ll find inspiration here!
Here are 10 Interior Design ideas for Kitchens that are sure to inspire.
Pretty pastel kitchen

Pastels are light and fresh and brighten the kitchen, unlike any other color palette. They create refreshing and soft ambiance in the kitchen. A mix of soft pastels makes the kitchen playful, bright and inviting. If you have a white kitchen and you want to break the monotony, then you can never go wrong with minty green, pale pink and peach counter tops.

Pretty pastel kitchen
Dress up the kitchen windows
It’s easy to overlook the kitchen window with other showstoppers in the kitchen; it often becomes an afterthought. Kitchen windows open up the area, creates an illusion of space and brightens up the kitchen with natural light. You can decorate the window by adding curtains, blinds or overhead lighting. You can choose the material for your window from a variety of options. The most popular material for windows are wood, vinyl, and aluminum.
Kitchen Interior Design Idea
Backsplash play

Kitchen backsplashes are no longer just to protect walls from milk spills and oil splatters; it has become the focal point of modern kitchens. A wide array of striking materials like mirrors, glass, wood, and stone are commonly used for the backsplash. Mirrored backsplashes magnify the kitchen’s space. If you are more old school, painted plaid backsplash can add unexpected excitement to your vintage kitchen. Kitchens with vibrant backsplash tiles can complement the neutral hues of the cabinets.

Kitchen backsplashe
Low hanging lights in the dining area

Low hanging lights in your kitchen can be both practical and beautiful. Elegant and classy hanging lights, instead of regular lighting can change the ambiance of the dining area dramatically. These lights are available in wide array of styles, shapes, and colors making it easy for you to pick the perfect one for your dining area. With these lights, you no longer need to go to a restaurant for a fine dine experience.

kitchen lights
Party in the kitchen

A mini wine cellar, with a bar table and high stools can make your kitchen look worth a million bucks. Regardless of L or U kitchen, island or one wall kitchen, any kitchen layout can have a bar. The trick is to create a bar space without compromising on the functionality of the kitchen. Kitchen bars also add to the storage space in your kitchen. When you are not hosting a party at the kitchen, this space can be used as a work station, dining space or a place for your kids to do their homework.

kitchen party
Ample storage space

When you don't have much space in your kitchen, you have to put every inch of your kitchen to use. There are a ton of interior design ideas for small kitchens to help you make the most the limited space in your kitchen. Cabinets up to the ceiling, hanging pots and pans from a rack hanging from the ceiling, pull out racks, wall-mounted open shelves are some ideas to help you make more space. Add dowel rods to your cabinets to create cutlery holders and add more storage space. Light colored overhead cabinets can create an illusion of the ceiling being higher than it actually is.

kitchen storage space
Hanging pot rack and peg board

Pot racks and peg boards are awesome to hang and organize anything in your kitchen. It can be a versatile storage wall for pans, utensils, and spatulas. This is particularly useful ideas for small kitchens as it helps save space. Hang and paint a pegboard in a color that complements the rest of your kitchen.

kitchen rack
Furniture you can hideaway

If you want your kitchen to look clutter free and spick and span, having a designated place for each and everything in your kitchens a must. The biggest items in your kitchen - the furniture can be tucked away in plain sight with roll out cabinets, discrete cabinets and wall mounted table and cutting boards.

kitchen furniture

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