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10 Ways To Tell Whether She’s More Into Home Decor Than Into You

Ways To Tell Whether She’s More Into
Home Decor Than Into You
If you are like most guys, then you are already too familiar with your partner’s tendency to pay more attention to interior decor than to you- unless of course, you fracture your skull; but even then, chances are she’ll be mentally redecorating the hospital waiting room while you go under the knife.
If you’re hoping for things to change, well, good luck! For now, swallow the bitter pill, bandage your head and wait for her to take a detour on your way back home. This is a checklist you wish you had before you started dating. If you are a family with kids and want to add a zing to your home, read our blog on 7 reasons why kids should get their own interior designed rooms.
She wants to know the thread count of your
bath towel

When you are shopping for anything at all, in any store, anywhere, she seeks the weirdest of details - things like “thread counts,” and other similar information that means absolutely nothing to the average male. It is seemingly more important to her than your immediate state of comfort - you could be emaciated, or profusely bleeding, or taken hostage in any given scenario. You will be hard pressed to gain her sympathy or even peripheral attention.

Rumour has it that Pinterest is a Strong
Contender for her Attention
The photographs on Pinterest have become your rival in inconceivable ways. She is so consumed with the decorating tips posted there that you begin to wonder if she even acknowledges your presence when you and Pinterest are in the same room together. It can be unsettling - that marginalizing of your existence. It routinely plays tricks on your ego and magnifies the pain of your abandonment.
She Wants to Change the World - in Her
Own Way, Of Course!

She is usually very unhappy with the appearance of any given room and is going over and over in her mind about what could be done to make it look better. You begin to feel that you are living with a chameleon – although a glamorous and pleasant smelling chameleon. She is always excited by the possibilities of creating limitless makeovers. She is in a constant dream-like trance mesmerized by her own dreams. Fulfill her dreams of a fabulously designed home. Talk to us at Furdo.

She is Home on Time on Thursdays for the 7
p.m. Show - 'Luxe Interiors'

When you realize that NDTV Good Times calls to her like a waking dream, it is clear that she has succumbed to a destiny that will eventually eliminate the need for your participation in any meaningful interaction. You can only hope against hope that she peripherally uses logic and reason to eventually understand that you are the one who actually loves her – not her Anatolia Jaali table runner.

She Keeps a Copy of 'Inside Outside' on her
Bedside Table

When you notice that a copy of ‘Inside Outside’ (home decorating) has mysteriously replaced the ‘Kama Sutra’ on the table by her elegant bed, it is a natural cause for concern. That moment will replay itself in your nightmares until the time comes when you realize that you too, are more concerned with home decor - the nightmares will subside, and then intensify, when you completely comprehend it all.

She Learnt the Full Colour Spectrum Even Before
Learning the Time Tables in the School

Most women know all the shades of pink but yours studies hues and patterns with a vengeance, second to no known painter, even from the distant past. She slaps your wrist every time you say – “Can you pass me the blue cushion?”

She Shops Like It's Her Job

Your woman shops with the same insatiable commitment in which she cultivates her career. And if you consider accompanying her on those adventures, even in a very limited capacity, it is because you instinctively sense that she is out of control. She needs to be reminded that there are other practical matters that warrant more thought and are crucial to survival yours and hers.

You Spend Saturday Night Alone

When you propose spending a romantic evening at home, even offer to whip up a gourmet meal for her, she unhesitatingly declines. It is because she has been planning on shopping for bed linens for a very long time, and she must now embark on that fulfilling journey. You are almost certain there is something amiss in her priority department.

Her Laptop's Wallpaper Features a
Manicured Garden

When her wallpaper features a well-manicured garden and she has no memory of your romantic vacation, it is time to accept that she is addicted to all things aesthetic and that she might need medical attention to alleviate her blatant proclivities. This, however, totally depends on her willingness to understand your state of mind, which she probably considers to be somewhat Neanderthal.

She Won't Admit it, but Her Dream Date Would
be With an Interior Designer

And finally, deep down, inside your soul, you know that she would much rather be in the company of an interior designer who caters to her every whim with beautiful imagery and airbrushed possibilities that mesmerise her and elegantly accommodate her love for decorarion. But you tolerate it all with grace, and whisper to her - using pleasant, “strategic verbal decor,”(sweet nothings) because you love her.