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7 Reasons Why Kids Make The Best Interior Designers

Reasons Why Kids Make The Best Interior
A little girl was once drawing something on a piece of paper. Her mother asked – “What are you drawing?” She said, “a picture of God.” Her mother was aghast. She said – “But no one knows what God looks like.” The little girl nonchalantly said – “They will, in a minute.” That is the power of a child’s imagination.
Imagination and creativity are the hallmarks of a good interior designer. Here are 7 reasons why kids make the best interior designers:
They have been drawing since they
were two

Kids start scribbling even before they are fully toilet trained. They have an innate tendency to draw. And their canvas is your freshly painted living room wall. Given their penchant for drawing, we get a feeling that kids will inevitably become their own interior designers, regardless of what restrictions are implemented. It may be healthy to empower them by promoting a sense that their own identity is in their control. We, at Furdo always believe in the fact that good ideas can come from anywhere, even kids.

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They lack a filter
Children speak their mind. Their thoughts are not premeditated. It is an established fact that lack of a filter allows creativity to flow more freely. As adults when we cannot come up with anything original, we are often asked to ‘think like a child.’
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They don’t care what you think

Adults are always looking for validation, but kids – they simply don’t care. Kids are typically relatively uninhibited. Not being bound by restrictions can be a good thing. Interior designers will tell you that it is in fact important for experimentation. This quality alone makes your children natural designers.

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They have adequate imagination

Children grow up reading fairy tales. They believe in magic and this belief can trigger a creative thought process. It helps them to make free associations in their fantasy world. Every interior designer will vouch for the importance of being able to generate original and unique ideas.

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They ‘get’ Technology

Interior design has evolved. It’s no longer just about being able to reproduce some rough sketches on paper. A designer now needs to visually render his plan with computer aided design software. Kids are more likely to be better at this because they grow up embracing technology. It takes them all of ten minutes to figure out your smartphone.

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They have more perspective

A typical day of a child involves innumerable things – playing with dough, learning to ride a bicycle, chasing butterflies, scribbling on walls. No two days are alike in the life of a child. On the other hand an adult spends what seems like a lifetime doing the same job day in day out. The situation of a child lends him more perspective, which is a crucial element for an interior designer.

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They are very friendly

Effective communication is an important skill for an interior designer because he has to handle multiple clients. Kids have a lot of friends and they get sufficient practice of communicating and resolving issues amicably.

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