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7 Reasons Why Kids Should Get Their Own Interior Designed Rooms

Reasons Why Kids Should Get Their Own
Interior Designed Rooms
Kids should get their own personalized rooms for many reasons. And before you fret, my reasons go beyond ‘fashion’ or ‘aesthetics.’ People, who hold a view that this is a case of mere selfish indulgence, are clearly oblivious to the inspirational and educational potential, inherent in a joyfully hospitable environment.
They need a creative space to day dream

Kids learn to day dream in comfortable places. And if that space is creatively done up, it will fire the imagination of your child. Many great ideas throughout history have been discovered and developed in the lazy bliss of a relaxed day-dream. Next time, when you see your child looking out the window, don’t chide him for appearing to be on another planet. He may actually be working out how to get to another planet. Make your child's creativity fly by giving them a room that's designed for the mind to soar. Talk to us at Furdo.

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A place for siblings to bond
Fights between siblings can get nasty. How do you resolve such conflicts? Ask them to get a room. No really! It helps. Siblings are known to bond in their own rooms. Most brilliant conversations between children are sparked when the lights are turned out.
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Personal surroundings make children confident

Social inhibition isn’t really a great thing. Kids need to be able to express themselves. What better way to encourage them to become more confident than putting them in a room that doesn’t intimidate them? Their social skills are sure to be tested in a personal environment, and in a place that bears their signature, they communicate with a more natural confidence.

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A well designed room teaches valuable skills early on

Kids present themselves as chaotic, unrecognizable creatures with extremely cluttered rooms. Your yelling will teach them nothing. In fact, in retaliation, your clever little girl may hold her breath till she turns blue. Now, we don’t want that happening, do we? Why not just give them a room which has a place for everything. By labelling what should go where, your child will learn to become more organized.

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Save yourself the awkward embarrassment

If your children are preoccupied in a quality environment, you will not have as many of those awkward moments, where you will have to fumble for an explanation - “Mommy and Daddy need to be alone so that we can privately rearrange our bedroom, AGAIN.” That type of explanation is dangerously close to outright lying to your kid.

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A line up of toys can foster a creative thought process

Parents may tend to treat toys as mere playthings but what we don’t realize is that toys actually promote cognitive development in children. A child’s room can actually be their own private think tank, where their egos run wild with the decorations and the toys they are comfortable with.

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A personal room can be a window to the world

When kids’ habitats are transformed into personalized environments, directly, and indirectly, elements conducive to learning are intelligently introduced, and something precious is gained – knowledge. Knowledge is critical to their advancement in this complicated, intelligent world we live in.

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