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Simple Ideas That Revamp Your Kitchen Area Perfectly

Simple Ideas That Revamp Your Kitchen Area Perfectly
Today’s blog from A blog that enhances the beauty of a kitchen even further with not major revamp but just small little smart changes
“Modern Kitchen designs that make your eyes sparkle Craft it better, shaping your needs”
Our kitchen hosts a good variety of important everyday tasks, structuring it smartly to work effortlessly and look practical is definitely a smart choice indeed. No matter what you do - cooking, eating, cleaning or entertaining, the kitchen should be an area one truly enjoys being in. And, YES smart designed kitchen can help make times fly making it all the more merrier. While planning a kitchen renovation or revamping a new kitchen, remember to create a space that will be loved by all who enter.
“Cooking is a therapy and kitchen must be a place of FUN”
There are many people updating their kitchens nowadays. Small improvements make an enormous difference while updating the kitchen. Well, to justify this, modern kitchens have become the focal point of modern homes. When a kitchen has solid structure and some design elements as per the modern taste trends, one need not take a full kitchen renovation because designing it with smart bits and trends evolves the look and feel of it. Changing kitchen highlights and materials is a very popular choice of action and what could be needed here are some minor changes.
If it’s time to give a new look to your kitchen, try few of our remodeling tips listed below. Opening up cabinetry, slapping up a fresh coat or two of paint, or even upgrading your fixtures and hardware can make the kitchen look fresh again. Complete kitchen remodel easily with an updated, modern backsplash and some new floors.
Some quick kitchen upgrades that go a long way towards avoiding a full kitchen remodel yet uplift the kitchen design and the look and feel of it to something more remarkable yet being there just the way it was previously. Also read about Latest Modular Kitchen Design Ideas
Get a kitchen backsplash

Today, a stylish kitchen backsplash has come a long way. When it comes to kitchen backsplashes, people originally used simple material to protect walls from spills and splatters. Simple has turned stylish nowadays. People choices are different as times have progressed, they now opt for personalized materials that can be incorporated to give the kitchen a beautiful backsplash look. The most likely used material nowadays is either ceramic tile, stainless steel, marble or wood, etc. Let’s taka look to the different materials and assess them one by one.

Ceramic tiles are the most popular choice amongst the many, mainly because of its easy maintenance, versatility and have a wide range of styles, colors and price points. Steel is the next best choice for modern kitchens, from a customer prospect or if one wants to add an industrial looking edge to their space. Yup, it is affordable, durable and all the more easy to clean. Marble, on the other hand, is the pinnacle of effortless luxury in terms of looks. Although it is a porous material, marble simply requires professional care to keep it shimmering through the years ahead. Last one on the list, wood, this material gives kitchen backsplash areas a warmer vibe and is a sustainable option with plenty of possibilities in terms of patterns and designs because of its grain structure. Considering a DIY-friendly option, then wood definitely ticks this box for anyone.

Paint – the option that speaks a colourful language for all!

A fresh coat of paint on the kitchen walls can make a whole lot of difference to kitchen looks. It is a fact, walls in the kitchen get dingy and grimy from grease and splatters so it may be time for a good washing and painting to add colour to your area. Paint the walls with colors that complement the area.
Got cabinets that you do not want to remove or replace? Make cabinet interiors pop with some nice bright colours painting choices to add some bright looks to the area.

Planning some choices of uniqueness? Add artful details to your kitchen

Adding one or two pieces of art will make your kitchen look beautiful. Kitchen is not the first room one will think of, when it comes to displaying art collections. But is the most social room in the house where all really mingle together while prepping your meals. So make sure to add some beautiful kitchen art, decorate those walls, bring colour to this space with paintings and brighten it up so you create a welcoming mood for all the members of the house.
The options here will never end from creating a gallery wall to using the space above the cabinets to a big noticeable artwork. Have a large kitchen space, then go ahead and opt for an open shelving as it is a good option for areas with a spacious kitchen, whereas using the space between countertops and upper cabinets are great for small kitchens setups.

New Faucet/ Sink design may make a difference

Change the look of counters with a new sink and a faucet. This look on the counters can make a big difference. Invest in a unique sink made with copper, stainless steel or other materials that can add a bit of shine for your kitchen. Another option is investing in a deeper sink, which makes chores in the kitchen easier and more convenient than ever before.

Upgradation to the knobs and handles makes for an instant refresh

The easiest way to give your kitchen a simple refresh is by replacing the fixtures. Hardware is the jewellery for the kitchen - new metal knob and handle replacement can add a different look to the kitchen without a big expense.
Opting for new appliances and a new sink, updated knobs and handles are naturally the next step to complete the design fully. Unlike appliances, simple fixtures like these only require a very minimal budget too!

Invest in an island

There are endless options to invest in an island depending on the budget. Modular kitchen island are practical but multi-tiered islands offer more functionality. A little research is necessary in selecting the ideal kitchen island for the setup.
If the budget is small in a self-owned house too do a complete kitchen renovation, one can still add relatively easy and impactful elements that will make the kitchen stand out more and be the space one wants it to be.

Update kitchen lighting

“Smart light to brighten areas because your kitchen deserves the best”

Illuminating kitchens intelligently, one little refresh can update the look and feel of the entire space and make it much more easier to work in. Look for modern light fixtures locally or online that suit your kitchen area.
Add pendant lighting options over the island counter, change the lighting in the dining room if it's near the kitchen, or install lights under the cabinet to add a unique glow to the countertops. As major kitchen lighting may be difficult to change.

Aim for eye-catching appliances

Investing in a kitchen renovation, it is necessary to focus on updated appliances. This is one part of the kitchen that is totally worth the splurge.
An interest in fully custom kitchens by customers these days has led appliance manufacturers to broaden their designs and choices. Some popular brands offer customers customized top-quality appliances in countless different finishes. Retro white, sleek matte black and pops of pastel are all popular with homeowners.


These are just a few ways you can add some new charm and update your kitchen on a budget. Whether you do them all or maybe just a few, it will certainly add a new look to your kitchen area.
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