Top 10 Bedroom Design
Trends for 2022
The bedroom is one of the most important and private spaces in your home. It's where you unwind and get to be yourself after a long day; it's your escape from the world. This is why your bedroom should represent your personality and your preferences. Grab inspiration from these top 10 bedroom design trends for 2022.
Keep It Neutral

Gone are the days when neutrals are considered boring; 2021 debunked this myth, and in 2022, interior designers are fully embracing the trend. The transition from greys and whites to warm pinks and blues is quite apparent this year.

Apart from the change in aesthetic preferences, the increased focus on wellness post-pandemic is another reason for neutrals to become a popular trend. Neutral colors promote calmness and a sense of inner balance.

On a visual ground, neutral color schemes act as a blank canvas to add personality to the space. You can play around with accent furniture, paintings, furnishings, patterns, and more.

Stay in Touch With Nature
Bringing nature into your bedroom is another way of inviting tranquility into the space. Studies show that having plants in your bedroom helps with anxiety and stress, so why wouldn't you want a plant for your room! Not only do they help your mental health but also they act as great decor pieces.
You can also use floral and botanical prints, natural textures and colors, and bamboo, wooden, and rattan furniture to create a similar ambiance. If done well, this style makes your room a Pinterest-worthy space.
Sustainability to the Go
bedroom interior design

One of the biggest trends in interior design right now is sustainability. Sustainability means using materials that do less harm to the environment and conserve energy and resources.

More and more people continue to hop on the sustainability bandwagon, and we see the ripple effect in interior design as well. When it comes to bedroom design, this can manifest in many ways.

The sustainable changes in design include replacing synthetic fabrics with organic ones, leather with faux leather, chemical paints with natural ones, and more. While the switch to sustainability is not as seamless as it can be, these elements have more character and uniqueness—emphasizing your bedroom design.

Monochromatic Designs Are in Vogue

The idea of one single color spread across your entire room may either seem loud or monotonous, but that's not what monochromatic schemes are about. Monochrome designs feature a spectrum of shades in the same color. This style is quite apt for small bedrooms as it creates an illusion of more space.

As monochrome themes play with dark and light shades of the same colors, they create a sense of harmony in the room. Similar to neutrals, these also act as a great backdrop for experiments.

Let There Be Layers

This next trend works well with the previous one; a monochromatic design needs texture, and layers are a great way to add that dimensional aspect to your interiors. Use different materials in the same hues to create a sense of depth and detail in your bedroom.

For instance, you can play around with your bed; add a textured throw of the same color over your comforter, and arrange some patterned pillows. Adding all these layers makes your bedroom cozy, intriguing, and rich.

Focus on Multipurpose

Ever since the pandemic, we have all learned that our bedroom is not just a place we sleep and rest but also a place we work, work out, and relax. This is why multifunctional spaces and furniture are one of the hottest trends in 2022.

This trend works well with small bedrooms, but it's an equally great fit for large ones. For large bedrooms, multipurpose furniture creates a clutter-free look. The central idea is to embed storage spaces, pick out multipurpose furniture, and create multifunctional spaces in your bedroom.

Some great ideas are using murphy beds for storage and creating a workout space, daybeds and futons for seating and sleeping, and ottomans for an extra seat and a coffee table.

Make a Statement With the Headboard

When you think of statement pieces, headboards may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, but this design trend is hot this year. Some great headboard ideas to drastically change the vibe of your bedroom are bold colors and patterns on headboards, carved wooden ones, etc.

You can also supersize your headboard to cover the entire wall or part of it. Although this is a very out-of-the-box idea, it works with any theme and style. There are so many other ways you can use headboards as statement pieces, so don't leave it out of the equation.

Let the Art Speak for Itself

Speaking of statement pieces, artwork has always been one of the go-to options, but this trend takes it up a notch. This trend is all about picking an artwork you love and matching the entire room's design to it.

It’s a great way to induce personality and create a narrative in your bedroom. This is another trend that doesn't have any restrictions in terms of style, theme, and size of the room.

Minimalism Is Still In

Minimalism is timeless, so it continues to be relevant throughout the years. However, minimalism has got a makeover this year, and we see elements from other styles in the 2022 minimalist designs.

From whites and greys and clean furniture, we move on to beige and yellow undertones and multifunctional furnishings. We also see elements like tinted furniture with lots of storage and luxurious pieces hinting at the mantra of “quality over quantity”.

Checks and Stripes Are Back!

Stripes and checks are a prominent trend this year. This trend has been popular for a few years now and doesn't show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. These are a great way to add color to your bedroom.

Whether you fancy a bold design or a subtle one, you can pull it together by pairing this trend with the right colors. Apart from being versatile, stripes and checks are great in making your space look big, helping you make the most of your space.

Stripes and checks in furniture are also a trend and you can use these as statement pieces for your bedroom.

Style Your Bedroom With These Top Trends

Do you have a favorite yet? We certainly don't because all of these interior bedroom design trends are super cool! Too hard to pick one. But why choose only one when you can mix and match two or more of these trends to create a bedroom design of your own. If you need any help, contact us and get a free consultation.

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