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HOW IT Works

Designing your newly-bought home has never been this simple before

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01 Start with a design theme that appeals to you. Get every element customised by a personal designer

02 See your home in every angle and “try before you buy” furniture, using our Virtual Reality walkthrough

03 Sit back & Relax. In just 60 days, an army of experts will make the Virtual Reality a glorious reality

Featured designs

When you choose an interior design theme from here, not only are you are telling us ​what tastes, colours and preferences move you. You are also giving yourself a fantastic head start on the journey of turning your house into a 'home'


Srividhya Umashanker | Chartered Grasshopper

The true purpose of Interior Design is to make every design detail communicate with each other. That is exactly why we did when we designed this 4BHK Villa. The use of unconventional design elements to break the monotony of unending spaces is the runaway highlight of this home. The wide swathes of white interspersed with unusual hues of brown; the use of a bejewelled lighting panel to mask the double height vertical space of the dining area; the equal parts separation and unification of the master bedroom achieved by the interesting use of materials; the display of traditional artefacts in the common area to break the contemporary appeal of the bedrooms; the very unusual choice of clip-and-tell rows in the kids' room to create a visual mood board; all make this one of the most interesting homes we've designed and implemented till date.

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Aravinda Hegde | Prestige Park View

This contemporary and neo-traditional themed home is an inspiration for lovers of open living spaces. It has a delicte convergence of natural and artificial light. The colors are a perfect balance of soft and warm hues. The geometric room divider, contemporary furniture and traditional artefacts infuses character. All-in-all, this luxurious spatial real estate has been perfectly designed to bring out it's subtle granduer.

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We use next-gen Design, Technology, Furniture & Implementation methods, to solve not just today’s Home Interior needs, but even the ones you don’t foresee for tomorrow

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Personal Designer

Will transform your every need into functional & aesthetic design, and help you plan your space intelligently

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VR Experience

Our state-of-the-art Virtual Reality technology lets you 'try before you buy'

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Impeccable Implementation

Get a personal Project Manager, receive daily updates from site, and watch us turn your design into reality

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Reputed Partners

One look at our partners & you will realise that they are all category experts

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Built to Last

We ensure the best raw material, German machinery & exemplary factory finish

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App For Your Home

Our home automation partners will help you control everything in your home, using nothing but just an app

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Transparent Prices

Same Price Guarantee whether you directly buy from us or from our partners

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5 year warranty

Breathe easy for the next 5 years. Although all our products will last way more

Who We Partner With

Curated Partners. Great Products. Impeccable Finish

What Our Customers Say

Customer Delight. Delivered

Srividhya Umashanker

"Furdo’s commitment was truly outstanding. Starting from the designer till the last person who came yesterday to fix my handle, everybody who worked on our home were committed."

Chartered Grasshopper

Vivek Pradhan

"The designs Furdo came up with were very well thought through. The main reasons I would recommend Furdo are the quality and the service you guys delivered."

Salarpuria Senorita

Aravinda Hegde

"What we liked about Furdo was they were very open to the kind of designs we wanted. And they came up with a design that really impressed us."

Prestige Park View

Sumit Kaushal

" I am really happy with the work that’s been completed here. I would recommend Furdo to anyone who is looking to get their home interiors done."

DLF Westend Heights

Rajeeb Baral

"The thing that made us realize we made the right decision was that we didn’t have to visit the site and we could communicate with the designer remotely. There were no limit to the "

Prestige Park View


"We stay abroad in California. Everything was done by Furdo. We completed the design and implementation phases of this project without even traveling to India."

Salarpuria Senorita

Akshay Mathur

"Furdo has been very helpful in helping us decide what goes well with the overall theme of the house. I would also recommend Furdo for it's USP of Virtual Reality walkthroughs."

Aratt Requizza

What The World Says About Us

Disrupting Interior Design. One Home At A Time

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"Furdo turns profitable within 2 years"

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"Top 8 startup at Surge 2016"

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"Top 10 emerging tech startup"

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"The most convenient aspect to Furdo's service is the ability to do it in stages"

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"27 Asian Startups That Caught Our Eye"

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"27 startups to watch out for in Asia"

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"Furdo aims to reach 750 homes by the end of the year"

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"Every step has been simplified by Furdo, to make it a zero-headache model"

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