Simple Ways
To Make Spaces Speak
So your home is all set. The place looks great and you can’t wait to move in. But then you realize it’s missing that element of interest. That certain lively quality you imagined is not yet captivating enough. Here are some ideas that can put the life back in living rooms -

In common areas where you expect to entertain guests, a rich centerpiece with a story behind it can create an excellent visual pull. Art pieces, antiques, or even just out-of-the-ordinary pieces of furniture work well. Remember, centerpiece doesn’t mean it belongs in the middle of everything.

Personal collections
It may be personal, but some of it can be shared. Items of interest to you add your personality to your home. Bring out those old records, autographed posters, that hat collection, those pots you picked up on your trip to Spain.
Devil in the details

Don’t be afraid to add that crazy pattern you’ve been dwelling on. It can be just the right dose of energy when used tastefully. Gradients, textures and motifs can define the language of a room while not attracting more attention than necessary.

Break the norm

When things get too monotonous, the simplest way is to chose a section where you can throw-in the unexpected. A break in color theme, a deviation from the mood, a change in the pattern. There’s no telling what could work. The best way to achieve this is to try and make the change as seamless as possible.

The shadows’ dance

Dynamic lighting brings unexplainable life into a space. Fixtures that create movement or variation of the light and shadows are an excellent way to energize a room without spending too much. Mirrors are an easy way to start.