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DNR Atmosphere | 4 BHK APARTMENT

An arresting tapestry of soft colours one side, and bold colours on the other — coupled with the use of no-compromise materials like veneer — make this luxurious home, a spellbinding ode to all things contemporary. Boasting of stylish furniture, breathtaking wall texture designs, and splendid lighting, everything about this home is extravagantly chic. Mixed with earthy tones of white and blue, and interspersed with large windows that are framed with ethereal blue curtains, the living room is a resplendent sight for sore eyes. The jali unit that separates the living room from the dining area, the Pooja unit with the onyx glass backdrop, the marble finish texture paint, and the natural stone cladded walls, all add oodles of opulence, making this a home designed for pure, unadulterated luxury.

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Jignesh Sanghvi | Mahindra Windchimes

The key to a great design is capturing the spirit of the client and translating it into the essence of their home. Design approach underscored the idea of bring sensitivity to the aesthetics of a home, keeping in mind the functions of a house and the requirements and preferences of all its members. This 2370 sq.ft 3.5 BHK residence in Bangalore 's Mahindra windchimes is functional, spacious and stylish- Design to conform to the client's need while allowing for a rich and vibrant living environment through its decor. Crafting clean , simple, vibrant and contemporary ambience, the vibrant colour palette of teal blue, pearl white balanced with warm brown & beige tones act as a canvas against which colour percolates through different elements. The clean geometric patterns impart a subtleness of ambience and ties the space together. A combination of glossy & matte material finishes alongwith sharp & contrasting colours and texture fabrics render the apartment with an electic, effortless appearance.

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G. C. Rangan | Mahindra Windchimes

A splendorous blend of tradition and contemporary styles crafted by Neetha Karupakala at Mahindra Windchimes for Mr G.C Rangan. A very warm and versatile earthy brown is used as the key design element of this spacious 3BHK home. With ample customised woodwork, the designs and colour palettes are carefully chosen to complement and accentuate the woodwork. The stone cladding at the foyer sets the tone of the theme in the shades of sand brown, copper and potter's clay. The theme seamlessly spills into the radiant living room. The dark tones of wood against beige walls evoke a very traditional charm while the modern false ceiling set in white adds a modern touch to the home. The dark wooden swing reminiscent of an old ancestral ‘oonjal’ and the chic coffee brown recliner brings the best of both worlds - a traditional south Indian home in a vogue urban space. The dark chocolate rafter pannels and the caramel crockery units with marble backdrop give the dinning a very elegant and sophisticated ambience. The golden-framed pooja unit with marble inlays, adjacent to the crockery unit is a piece of opulence befitting the Gods. The three bedrooms and wardrooms reflect the theme in a more subtle and quaint manner in shades of mocha, caramel against the woodwork. The study and wardrobes are designed to be easy on the eye with effective functionality.

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Mr. Sundar Sampath

Prestige Summer Fields

"We had traditional design in mind & it was out of the box and Furdo was able to execute it. We approached multiple Interior design firms & none of them were able to deliver."

Mr. Abhijit Paul

Klassik Landmark

"This is our first home & Furdo did a brilliant job in designing our dream home. My wife had a lot of design related inputs and they incorporated all of it in the design plan. "

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