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Shoubhik Hore

Shoubhik Hore

About Me

" We design, and quite literally so. Our clients are at the center of the design process, making our design studio a collective of our designers & our clients, working as a team. As the end users of the home, clients already have an abstract vision for the interiors, which becomes our starting point. We painstakingly decode the fuzzy specifics of their ideas & aspirations to create an initial concept. Once the concept syncs with the team, we use our craft as professional designers to give shape & definition to the design, which in time develops into absolutely beautiful furniture in form & function. "


A home that is future proof has to be timeless in its styling & must easily adapt to what tomorrow might have in store for the users. Whether it is technology integration, a new member in the family or a large unplanned celebration, a home has to live through them just like it's proud owners. A home built for tomorrow should do these & more without breaking a sweat!

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