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Neetha Karupakala

Neetha Karupakala

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" "A flair for Design", "A knack for expressing my ideas", "Patience is best virtue" - These are the principle attributes I consider that I possess. A decade of practice has taught me that a design is ever changing and that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. As an architect, designer I en devour to give my best in achieving the finest possible design contained within the required parameters of the customer. I understand that no two individuals are the same and hence no two designs are ever the same, each and every design I deliver will be custom made to suit the tastes of the different individuals but at the heart of the design my individual identity can be easily identified. Elegance is the key to my designing. I believe in Elegant, bold but yet minimalist designs that add beauty to a space without really overpowering the senses of the user of the space and without compromising the utility of a space. "Form follows Function". Prior to establishing my own design firm I have worked as an Architect in two prestigious firms in Bangalore apart from my initial training. During the initial course of my practice i felt the need to incorporate sustainability in my designs, to achieve this I completed a Masters in Sustainable Building Designs from Oxford. I also am a Qualified LEED Green Associate and an IGBC AP, fully equipped to design LEED rated buildings and interiors. "


Home is where the heart is, Idea is to design the spaces to make them feel comfortable, warm and aesthetically appealing, with the aid of the latest technology available. To evolve the designs to met the ongoing trends.

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