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Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

We all know it, the kitchen is an essential part of every home. It’s used every day and you enter it more often than you realize. As we move towards the next decade, homes and their kitchens are changing in the way they’re designed. With contemporary designs for living rooms and bedrooms, we are likely to see kitchens too getting a complete makeover. Here are the top 5 kitchen trends you should follow for a clean and modern kitchen.


Effective & Concealed Storage

There’s nothing worse than a cluttered kitchen countertop filled with food items, spices, and dishes. However, with adequate and concealed storage, your kitchen can definitely become clutter-free. It’s definitely worth investing in multifunctional and hidden storage as it takes away the visual chaos and clutter of essential kitchen items. There are a few ways to go about this- Keep dedicated shelves for small appliances and dishes, insert drawer dividers for cutlery and spices, place pots and pans in shelves and on hooks, and utilize deep drawers for food containers. This way, there’s a place for everything, leaving your kitchen looking tidy.

Effective & Concealed Storage

Image Credits: Viral Homes


Dark Cabinets & Countertops

All-white kitchens are a thing of the past with bold, darker shades making their way in. Dark cabinets create a rich and elegant atmosphere, especially when they are accented with gold or silver handles. Overall, it's recommended that you pair your dark cabinets with white or light coloured countertops so that the dark colors don’t become overbearing. Common colours for darker cabinets include navy blue, matte black, emerald green and even plum.

Dark Cabinets & Countertops

Image Credits: Silver Marbles


Modern Lighting

Lighting is another significant part of your kitchen’s design and layout. If you have an island seating, it works well to put either pendant light fixtures or linear lighting above it. Linear lighting could work better as it only uses 1 junction. If you’re building and designing your home from scratch, a nice addition would be to add an opening to the backyard or balcony through the kitchen. This leaves room for sufficient natural light during the day, making the kitchen look airy and open.

Modern Lighting

Image Credits: Elle Decore


Kitchen Islands

Freestanding kitchen islands are something we’ve all seen on TV and in western culture. But with the changing dynamics of families and their habits, it makes it useful to have a kitchen island if your kitchen has the space for it. A convenient spot for breakfast and other meals, it makes the kitchen more comforting. It can also become the ideal place to get some work done while you grab a quick snack. Kitchen islands look best with a marble, quartz or granite finish; although you can choose a wooden rustic look depending on the overall theme of your kitchen.

Kitchen Islands

Image Credits: Yukbiznis


Smart Kitchens

Technology is making its way into our homes and this includes our kitchens. For example, Wi-Fi-enabled coffee makers can keep your coffee ready before you get out of bed. Similarly, smart refrigerators, sensors, and even automatic lighting can make your cooking journey an effortless process. If you’re someone who has never incorporated smart home technology before, the kitchen is the ideal place to introduce it into your home.

Smart Kitchens

Image Credits: LG Newsroom

2019’s trends are here to make sure that your kitchen’s design will continue to look modern and minimalistic even in the long run. Some of the key takeaways are to keep your kitchen clutter-free with the efficient use of storage spaces and to complement dark colours with bright ones to maintain a contemporary look. Designing doesn’t come easy, however, with the help of Furdo’s interior designers in Bangalore, your ideal kitchen is just a step away.

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