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Fictional Characters Kids Should Grow Up With

Deep in every child lies a potential for greatness. You somehow need to find a way to unlock it. While pushing your child to excel at school may sound like a fair idea to you, it may not really be the best. There is a rather painless, and perhaps a more helpful way to engage the attention of your little ones. Introduce them to a world of fiction. And which child doesn’t enjoy a healthy dose of fantasy? It will not only work their imagination but also reveal interesting ways to adapt to the ways of the world.

Here are a few fictional characters your children should grow up with. Animate the room of your children with these iconic characters.


Harry Potter teaches kids to handle social situations

Imagine a child comes face to face with a bully. In a normal situation, he would either go running to Momma for help or return home with a bruised ego. Neither of them, as you’ll agree, is a healthy way to deal with the situation. But if he grows up with Harry Potter, he’ll know how to stand up for himself, just the way Harry stood up to Malfoy. Now wouldn’t that be neat!

Bold Designs
Found on smh.com.au


Winnie the Pooh shows you how to live in the moment

“What day is it?”
It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day,” said Pooh.”

Who would have thought that a friendly bear could have reveal the most insightful answers to little questions? The Pooh will tell your kid to not let little troubles come in the way of his or her happiness.

Motivational Designs
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Jerry teaches never to give up

If you want your kid to learn the value of perseverance, present to him – Jerry! The clever little mouse who never gives up. The conspiring and nasty Tom can chase Jerry all that he wants but Jerry never surrenders. He never falls into the traps Tom sets for him.

Winner Attitude for Kids
Found on play.google.com


Dennis the Menace nurtures an undying curiosity

Sometimes curiosity, and not necessity, has been the Mother of invention. It is this curiosity that helps children to discover things, to go on to become productive adults. We may know Dennis as the epitome of mischief but everything he did, was the result of an extremely curious mind.

Curious Kids
Found on kingfeatures.com


Kung Fu Panda teaches you to be yourself

Not all children are created equal. And this has sometimes triggered self-doubt in some of them. But a night with Kung Fu Panda, and your child will be determined to realize his potential. He’ll know irrespective of what people think of him, he can get to the top by being just himself.

Be yourself
Found on rotoscopers.com


Huckleberry Finn shows what it means to grow up

Bold Kids Room

Life can be hard. More so for a child who is expected to do well. Children at some time will need to pull up their socks and learn to take responsibility. But no child likes to go through the pain of growing up, all by himself. He needs a friend. Let that friend be Huck! He has taught many kids to be bold and learn from the consequences of their choices.

Found on comedy-flick.biz


Batman brings out the hero in every child

Enough Said Be Batman

Being ordinary is what makes you do extraordinary things. And who says it better than Batman! Teach your kid the power of courage and determination by giving to him an opportunity to learn from Batman. Don’t be surprised if you see your child sleeping in the dark, without raising hell.

Found on comedy-flick.biz

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