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This post is for those who wear the pants in the house but secretly wish they didn’t. 

If your woman is not responding to you the way you want it, the problem is probably with the environment not her biology. So try these simple bedroom tips instead of waiting to get lucky.

Recommended dosage: Use one tip per week. Repeat until exhausted.
That’s not how she likes it, you say? Well, read on. You can switch off the main light sources. All you have to do is illuminate your bedroom with candles..
Bedroom romance tips
The glamour and mystique of such a setting is unmistakably appealing. Dim ambient lighting is the key. Not just candles, you can even think warm glowing lava lamps or an exquisite little chandelier – anything at all to keep the eternal flame of love burning.

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Whether it’s you on top or your partner, what’s under you both (in most cases), is a bed. This crucial element deserves more attention than its paid. Get a four poster bed – the kind you have probably seen in movies. There is a reason why this bed is so common on screen – it really works! The drapes lend themselves to give you a sense of privacy, fuelling your intimacy. This remarkable bed is single handedly responsible for the birth of many bright kids.
how good home designs rekindles romance
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If you’ve got kids, you’ve probably got hot wheels and lego sets strewn all over the floor. 
Clean bedroom
That being the case, can you blame your woman if her maternal instincts flare up every now and then while you wait in anticipation? There is a place for your kids’ toys – their room. Clean up the bedroom when you want to spend some alone time with your partner. There is something seductively linked to the imagination in a clean bedroom.

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There is something very cozy and intimate about ‘corners’. The reason why ‘corner seats’ in theaters have a bad name.
what to do with corners in home
You can transfrom your bedroom into a cozy retreat by getting a love seat or a rocking armchair and placing it in a fine corner. Complete the look by spreading a warm rug and throwing some beautiful duvets. You will see that she never wants to leave the room.

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Pillows are a popular bedroom accessory. They have found more than one use in the bedroom – I’m sure many experimental men will vouch for it.
fluffy pillows use
Time to put them to another good use. When it comes to making a bed cozy, the more pillows and throws you add, the more difference you can make. Pillows with feathers can make your bed feel like the lap of luxury. Very soon your bedroom will be bathing in pheromones.  

Found on www.buzzfeed.com

You know what an effortless way to decorate your room would be? Photos. Now is the opportunity to thank your partner’s love for selfies.
Room decor tips
All those photographs - from when you were both holidaying in Phuket or from the times when you both attended her best friend’s wedding – must find a place in your bedroom. It sets the mood just right, like a little trip down memory lane. She’ll turn to pulp in no time.

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This is where things get a little bold. Now, I get that not everyone is going to be into this.  
Mirrors for decorating rooms
But if you are, you understand the eroctic dimension a full length mirror can bring to your bedroom. Plus, it makes the room look bigger. Why wouldn’t you want one?

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Most of the tips on this list are for your eyes. This one is for another sense, one that is better linked to your intimacy - smell. Use scented candles, reed diffuser sticks or lingering room sprays – find a reason to investigate appealing scents with her. In the process, you may end up discovering a host of other secrets.
use scented candles in home
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Another cliche that really works - flowers. There are a thousand varieties and you can change them everyday if you like. 
decorate home with flowers
There are a thousand varieties and you can change them everyday if you like. The smell of fresh flowers lingering in your bedroom while you cozy up to your partner is simply the best aphrodisiac. Combine it with some incense sticks or aroma oils and you have a clear winner. Go ahead, give it a go.

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