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Rajeeb Baral | Prestige Park View

Brown and it's many welcoming shades is a recurring theme in this home, as it finely straddles the two worlds of luxury and simplicity. The dining area with the laminate-finish vertical rafters and drop lights is the first thing that greets you when you enter the home. The natural stone wall that begins as a fitting backdrop for the elaborate TV unit, and runs through entire swathes of the living area, elevates the mood of the living room singularly. The pelmets with radiant spotlights separate one living room space from the other, offering an element of continuity through the entire length of the common area. The bright indigo of the kids' room and the olive green of the kitchen cap off the perfect blend of earthy and quirky, making this one of the most fun-to-design projects implemented till date.

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Savitha Santosh | DSR Eden Greens

We transformed one of our most popular design themes-Our Studio into this beautifully customized home. Our designer-recommended furniture seamlessly blends with the already existing hard & soft furnishings. The dazzling wall colours beautifully complement the creative wall papers.

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Shiva Kumar | Indus Paradise

As you step into living room, you will be overwhelmed by the extravagant use of Cerulean Blue and Ivory White. The lacquered glass, high-gloss, champagne-coloured laminate of the sliding wardrobes transforms the Master Bedroom into an uber-regal space. The bed, dresser and the side table is customised to reflect the golden brown of the room. The kitchen is masterfully design to utilise the limited space and magically accommodates everything from a cutlery unit, thali basket, tandem box, bottle pull-out top cabinets & auto filtered chimney. As you step into the kids room, you will be enthralled by all things Barbie.

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Mr. Dennis

RBD Stillwaters

"We wanted our home to have a lot of open conversational spaces. Whatever we dreamed for our first home has been impeccably captured in the design. "

Mr. Amarnath

Prestige Silver Oak

"I live in California and the project needed to be done in remote presence.Furdo has a strong technological platform in terms of 3D images/renders that helped us with the process."

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