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Kislay Srivastava | Brigade Golden Triangle

Well-lit and elegantly furnished, this beach inspired living room is a breezy coastal retreat that goes out of it's way to beckon you. The waves inspired wallpaper and Jaali room divider that’s reminiscent of the glorious morning rays of the sun, bring tranquility of the calm ocean waters inside. The meticulously planned bright green kitchen cabinets with white lofts provide ample space for everything - from utensils to spices and everything in between. The breakfast counter adds the perfect finishing touch to the kitchen, making you feel like you are in the middle of a vacation, every single day. The world map that bends into the wall, and a ship wheel lighting fixture in the guest bedroom, is an obvious nod to the home’s travel themed interiors, transporting you to a place you will not want to return from.

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Anand NS | Vaishnavi Apartments

With its rich wood finishes and unconventional hues, this 3 BHK home is designed to captivate your senses from the word go. The use of mirrors and elaborate bed headboards, both in the master and guest bedrooms, create an illusion of extravagant space, making the rooms seem like a retreat unto themselves. Splashes of yellow in the kid’s bedroom breaks the monotony of an otherwise earthy colour palette. The compact kitchen cabinets with it’s high gloss laminate and frosted glass, and the grey granite kitchen breakfast counter, lend strains of opulence to an otherwise sober kitchen. The gorgeous foyer with splendid lighting and seating, along with the luxurious wood finishes of the living room, are designed with meticulous detail for all the vagaries of urban living.

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Mathew . | Brigade Cosmopolis

Decked with elegant and child-friendly interiors in every corner, this 2 BHK home is a perfect medley of neutral and warm tones. This contemporary, child-friendly home boasts of a perfect blend of neutral and warm tones. As you step into the living hall, you will notice the open and airy space that’s created for their little one to prance around and play. Decor with sharp and protruding edges has been avoided to create a safe atmosphere for the tiny tot to frolic around.The vibrant cushions coupled with printed rug creates a cozy yet sophisticated ambience, making it a perfectly relaxing retreat. As you explore the house, you will notice bright splashes of colour in the Kitchen, Master Bedroom and Children’s Bedroom. Pendant lighting has been used extensively in this home, with brass pendant lights in the master bedroom, colourful pendant lights in the kid’s bedroom and geometric-pattern pendant lights in the living room. Styled with welcoming wallpapers and transitional decor, the Living Room, Master Bedroom and the Kid’s Bedroom, make for a cozy haven, both for the parents and their two-year old.

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RBD Stillwaters

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Mr. Amarnath

Prestige Silver Oak

"I live in California and the project needed to be done in remote presence.Furdo has a strong technological platform in terms of 3D images/renders that helped us with the process."

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